KOUKERY is the first private folk dance group in Bulgaria, established in 1982 as a chamber formation. The performers dance, sing and play the traditional Bulgarian instruments – kaval, bagpipe, rebeck, pandore. The variety of costumes and masks, the small number of performers, and the professional presentation, makes the group preferred for concerts either on large or on small stages.

The Koukery performers have visited over 30 deference countries, presenting the best patterns of Bulgarian folklore on festival stages, in clubs,  restaurants, on  boards of cruise ships, in social centers, in schools, at weddings, etc. The priority of the “KOUKERY” group over other folk ensembles is its professionalism and the small number of performers, who make a wonderful folk show for the audience and for the specialists.

Producer and choreographer of the “KOUKERY” folk group is Tsetsko Kolev. He teaches Ethnography and Choreography for the specialized classes in Bulgaria. His book “Bulgarian folk Choreography” is used as a textbook all over the country.

Tsetsko Kolev organizes folklore seminars in Bulgaria, including lectures, dance school, tours, demonstrations and tourist activities by interest – ethnographic complexes, nature reserves, churches and monasteries, mountain and sea-side resorts. Seminars are also conducted abroad (Germany, Hungary, Russia, Italy, France, Poland, USA, Spain, UAE, etc.)