KOUKERY Art & Festival Travel offers folklore seminars for groups and dance associations, during which participants have the chance to learn about the mystery of Bulgarian music and dance. Seminars, lectures and dance school are organized both in Bulgaria and abroad.

The seminars are conducted by Mr. Tsetsko Kolev, who is a graduate of The Music and Choreography Institute of Sofia as well as of the Academy for Music and Dance Art in Plovdiv. He has a long work experience as a teacher, producer and choreographer. As a choreographer he has over 50 self-produced dances for different amateur and professional dance clubs.

Tsetsko Kolev teaches and organizes seminars in Bulgarian Ethnography and Choreography for specialized classes and societies both in Bulgaria and abroad, including Germany (Rudolstadt, Berlin),  Italy (Naples, Benevento), Hungary (Szeged, Budapest), France (Oloron St. Marie), Russia, Spain (Saragossa, San Sebastian), Poland (Poznan, Gdansk) and the USA (California).

His book “Bulgarian Folk Choreography” was published in 2001 and is since then used as a textbook all over the country.

What is a folklore seminar?

  • Begin with a short or extended lecture on Bulgarian Folklore
  • Introduction to Bulgarian Folk Music instruments
  • Learn about the ethnographical regions of Bulgaria- traditions and costumes
  • Dance school- learn the steps of Bulgarian Dances- from the easiest to the most difficult
  • Unique uneven rhythms of Bulgarian Folk Music
  • Share your experience
  • …and then party…

The exact program of a folklore seminar is previously determined by the participants, as the items above may vary in length and contents. Participants will receive a detailed program about all events of their seminar, including times and duration, and will be given a printed copy of the lecture in the end. Seminars may take place both in Bulgaria and abroad.