01 May- 10 June, 01 September- 31 October 10 June- 31 August
CARAVAN/ CAMPER 20 BGN (10,30 EUR) 23 BGN (11,90 EUR)
BIG TENT (>4m²) 12 BGN (6,20 EUR) 15 BGN (7,70 EUR)
SMALL TENT (<4m²) 9 BGN (4,60 EUR) 12 BGN (6,20 EUR)
ADULTS 7 BGN (3,60 EUR) 8 BGN (4,10 )
CHILDREN (Age 6-12) 3 BGN (1,60 EUR) 4 BGN (2,10 EUR)
A DOG 5 BGN (2,60 EUR) 5 BGN (2,60 EUR)
LAUNDRY 4 BGN (2,10 EUR) 4 BGN (2,10 EUR)

Prices for 2021 in BGN (and EUR), based on 1 overnight

  1. Price includes:
    • Tourist tax
    • VAT
    • Parking for 1 vehicle
    • Sanitary facilities and kitchenette in the camping area
    • Hot water
    • Access to water and electricity points
    • WiFi in the whole camping area
    • Access to swimming pool (June, July, August)– please, read the Rules for using the pool!
    • Facilities for outdoor sports, library, tablegames
    • Garbage service

2. Every guest must read the terms and conditions for a stay at the camping before reservation is made. This information is available on our website as well as at the reception desk. When checking-in our guests accept these terms and conditions

3. Payment is due cash at the time of check-in at the reception desk. Payment in advance will be accepted only on the bank account of the company

4. Reception desk working hours: 09:00-18:00, every day in the period 01.05- 31.10.2021.

5. Check-in is done during reception desk working hours. In case of early or late arrival, guests should inform our manager in advance

6. Check-in after 2:00pm and check-out- before noon on departure day

7. Positioning of tents, caravans and mobile homes is done only at the pitch booked and only after our employee’s directions

8. Important for guests, traveling with tents or caravans: vehicles will be allowed at the camping area only during unloading and positioning your tent or caravan. After that, guests are kindly asked to move their vehicles to the parking lot next to our reception desk. Parking is under 24 hours video surveillance

9. Due to terrain peculiarities, the pitches are located in two camping zones, each one with a separate entrance and sanitary facilities. Guests have access to both zones, no matter where their pitch is located

10. Access to the camping area is given to registered guests only!


11. The campsite provides 6 toilets, 4 shower cabins, 5 outdoor wash basins with hot water and liquid soap, and 1 sanitary facility, equipped for disabled guests

12. The campsite toilets are equipped with toilet paper, which must be thrown in the garbage bin (not in the toilet!) so that our waste water installation works properly

13. There are 2 kitchenettes, located in each camping zone, equipped with 2 refrigerators, 3 sinks with hot water and dishwashing liquid, 2 electric hobs

14. The campsite provides a chemical toilet disposal point. Using the common bathrooms for this purpose is strictly forbidden

15. The pitches have access to water and electricity points, each one with 1 water tap, size ½”, 2 waterproof electric sockets 16A- euro standart, 1 waterproof electric socket 16A- schuko type

16. Guests, who would like to use these points should bring their own adapters for connecting to them

17. Guests, using these points, should make sure their adapters are in working order and function normally

18. Guests are responsible for all damage, caused by adapters and connecting devices, not working properly

19. In case guests notice that there is a damage at the water and electricity points, they must immediately inform the campsite manager, in order to have the issue fixed as soon as possible, even out of the reception desk working hours

20. Each registered guest will be given a password to the WiFi, available at the whole territory of the campsite

21. Each registered guest has an access to the swimming pool. Persons not registered as camping guests are not allowed at the swimming pool

22. The campsite provides portable barbeque grills, but does not provide any wood coal

23. We offer camping mattresses for the guests with tents (size 190x80x7cm), extra charge(see the price list)

24. The campsite management takes every day care of the garbage, and the guests are kindly asked to use the bins for the purpose

25. Our campsite cares for the nature, so it is important that we all separate the waste and deliver it to the respective bin- organic, glass, metal, plastic or paper. As not every municipality in Bulgaria has a special service for separating waste, we volunteer to deliver it daily to the nearest point for waste collection


26. No loud noise is tolerated at the camping area, regardless of its origin- this includes noisy parties, loud music, high volume of TV or radio. Defining “loud” could be quite subjective, so we accept every noise as loud, if it in any way disturbs our guests.

27. All guests must take good care of the common areas and leave them the way they would like to see them next time. Our duty is to keep these areas clean, but we would not succeed if we don’t get any cooperation by our guests

28. Guests are responsible for personal items, lost or forgotten at the camping area

29. Parents are responsible for their children at the territory of the campsite. They need to be especially careful, as there are electric sockets, steep zones and a swimming pool at the camping area.


30. Your pets are welcome at our campsite, but they will be charged as regular guests, no matter what is their kind, size, weight or temper

31. All dogs must be kept on a lead at the camping area, regardless of their size.

32. Guests with pets are kindly asked to take care of their dogs’waste

33. Guests are responsible for any damage caused by their pets and they also guarantee the proper behavior of the dog to other campsite guests

34. Using the common bathrooms for pets is strictly forbidden!


  1. To make fire at the camping area
  2. To make loud noise during rest hours- 2-4pm and 11pm-8am
  3. To ruin any campsite’s property or plants, as well as items belonging to other guests
  4. To use cables or adapters, out of working order, to connect to the electric supply points
  5. To use electric devices, exceeding the maximum power allowed
  6. To use any kind of fireworks at the territory of the campsite
  7. To bring in and use any forbidden drugs
  8. To use the swimming pool after alcohol consumption
  9. To wash caravans, cars or mobile homes at the camping areas
  10. To let waste water from caravans and campers in the camping area
  11. To use the common bathrooms for pets
  12. To throw toilet paper and other waste in the toilets


  1. The campsite’s summer pool is not guarded and using it is a personal responsibility of each guest
  2. Our pool is meant to cool guests off in the summer days and is NOT SUITABLE for swimming or for any kind of water sports
  3. Access to the pool is given only to guests registered at the campsite. It is forbidden for outside visitors as well as visitors for a daytime stay.
  4. Jumping in the pool is strictly prohibited
  5. Use only the ladder for entering and exiting the pool
  6. Our pool is built above the ground level and in order to secure the guests and the facility it is forbidden to step or sit on the board of the pool, as well as to enter or exit through the board
  7. Using the pool after alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited
  8. Using the pool is allowed only during daytime
  9. All parents must watch out for their children when using the pool and take care that they follow the rules and have the proper behavior in the facility. Parents are fully responsible for possible accidents with their children!