18-29 May 2020

14-25 September 2020


The tour gives travelers the opportunity to explore the spiritual side of Bulgaria- a land of mysteries, hidden in signs, images and legends. The itinerary reveals a different aspect of the standard trip- travelers not only enjoy the sightseeing and relax, but they are also given the chance to feel the magnetic power of the most energetic places in Bulgaria- spots, which have become a subject of international scientific research and exploration, but still have not unveiled their secrets. This tour brings the spirituality and mystic energy of the Balkans together with the widely spread Eastern philosophy and way of life- yoga. Travelers participate in yoga classes, the locations of which are the most powerful centers of kinetic energy on the Balkans. The unforgettable experience for all participants in this adventure results in a total relaxation of body and mind, and a pure reload with positive energy.


Day 1– arrival in Ruse (Bucharest Airport, Romania); transfer to hotel; overnight in Ruse (city hotel***); dinner included.

Day 2– city tour of Ruse; visit Ivanovo Rock Churches- unique monument of Christianity in Bulgaria, located in the Rusenski Lom Natural Park, one of UNESCO’s cultural sites in the country; walking and yoga class; overnight in Ruse (city hotel***); breakfast and dinner included.

Day 3– transfer to Varna- Bulgaria’s biggest Sea-side city; on the way visit Madara- the Holy Cliff has been occupied by different ethnic groups through the centuries- the picturesque plateau on top of the Cliff has been a location for temples, fortresses, rock sanctuaries of various people; today the spot is one of the sacred meeting points for the followers of the famous White Brotherhood (Danovites); visitors can see the Madara Horseman- the unique rock relief, listed in UNESCO’s cultural heritage; yoga class; overnight in Varna (city hotel***); breakfast and dinner included.

Day 4– city tour of Varna ; visit the Archeological Museum, storing the oldest golden treasure in the world (5th Millennium BC); afternoon tour to Kaliakra Cape Medieval Fortress- enjoy a yoga class on cliffs, “hanging” over the Black Sea; overnight in Varna (hotel***); breakfast and dinner included;

Day 5– transfer to Nessebar; walking tour- visit the ancient town (listed in UNESCO cultural heritage) with over 40 well-preserved monuments of Byzantine architecture and Early Christianity; overnight in Nessebar (resort hotel***); breakfast  and dinner included.

Day 6– welcome the sunrise- yoga class on the beach of Nessebar; transfer to Primorsko; on the way visit Sozopol- the ancient town of Apolonia; overnight in Primorsko (resort hotel***); breakfast and dinner included.

Day 7– walking tour to the Natural Reserve of Ropotamo; visit the Begliktash ancient Thracian sanctuary; yoga class; overnight in Primorsko; breakfast and dinner included.

Day 8– transfer to the village of Gramatikovo, located in the heart of Strandja Mountain- one of the most spiritual places in Bulgaria; overnight in Gramatikovo (hotel***); breakfast and dinner included.

Day 9– walking tour to Indipascha- the rock sanctuary is among the most mysterious spots in Bulgaria, where pagan rituals mix with Christian believes; used for ancient cults, today Indipascha is referred to as “gate” between our material world and the spiritual one; people believe that if they hang some part of the clothes of an ill person at Indipascha, they would be healed- the clothes must be hanged on the lianas- neither on the ground, nor in the water, so that illness remains in nobody’s space; the water springing from the rock is believed to heal too; visit Mishkova niva- Strandja’s biggest Thracian sanctuary; yoga class; overnight in Gramatikovo; breakfast and dinner included.

Day 10– tour to Sinemorec beach and Rezovo- part of Nature Park Strandja; in the evening enjoy the mystic fire performance of the nestinari- pagan ritual, one of Bulgaria’s best kept secrets; overnight in Gramatikovo ; breakfast and dinner included.

Day 11– transfer to Ruse via Burgas; overnight in Ruse (city hotel***); breakfast and dinner included.   (Travelers, who book the tour extension to Turkey, transfer to Istanbul after check out from Gramatikovo hotel; breakfast included).

Day 12– departure; transfer to the Bucharest airport; breakfast included.


Group of 18 and more 820 Euro (1.604 BGN) 990 (1.936 BGN)
Group of 7-17 people 1.040 (2.034 BGN) 1.210 (2.367 BGN)
Group of 3-6 people 1.380 (2.699 BGN) 1.550 (3.032 BGN)
2 people


Price includes:

  • Transfers from and to Bucharest International Airport;
  • Accommodation with private bathroom- 11 overnights;
  • Hotel services- internet access, swimming pool, sauna, fitness;
  • Private air-conditioned vehicle, providing all transfers and tours from the itinerary;
  • English-speaking tour leader and yoga master, accompanying the group during the whole tour;
  • Entrances to all tourist sites, part of the itinerary;
  • All meals stated on the itinerary, including table water, coffee/tea;
  • 6 yoga classes;
  • Nestinari folklore evening;
  • A bottle of water (0,5l) per person, available every day of the tour;
  • Printed materials, maps, tourist information brochures.

Price does not include:

  • Airline tickets;
  • Meals, not stated on the itinerary and any additional beverages;
  • Personal hotel services- room service, phone calls, laundry;
  • Travel insurance;
  • Gratuities for local guides, tour leader and driver.