May-  June 2023


Bulgaria is world-wide famous as one of the biggest producers of rose oil. The tour offers our guests the opportunity to become part of the annual Rose festival, which takes place in May and June in the Bulgarian Rose Valley. Our program is specially designed to include another spectacular event, showing the fire dance of the Nestinari on the 3rd June. The route of this tour goes round the Eastern half of Bulgaria and reveals travelers the traditions in rose picking and rose oil distillation, wine-producing, hand crafts and everyday life of local people in the rural areas.


Day 1 – arrival at Bucharest International Airport (Romania); transfer to Ruse (Bulgaria); overnight in Ruse (city hotel***); dinner included;

Day 2 – Panoramic city tour Ruse; visit Ivanovo Rock Church- UNESCO monument- and the Rock Monastery of Bassarbovo; free afternoon in Ruse- explore the city center and visit interesting landmarks in the area; breakfast and dinner included;

Day 3- Transfer to Kazanlak- the center of the Rose Valley- on the way stop in Veliko Tarnovo- the medieval capital of Bulgaria; walking tour in the Old Town; in the afternoon continue to the Rose valley; overnight in Kazanlak (city hotel***); breakfast and dinner included;

Day 4- Participate in early morning rose picking- traditional events during the Rose Festival in Kazanlak; in the afternoon visit one of the rose-oil producing companies in the area; evening folklore show at a traditional Bulgarian restaurant; overnight in Kazanlak; breakfast and dinner included;

 Day 5- Free program in Kazanlak- explore the historical side of Kazanlak and find out about the Thracian Kings- visit the emblematic for the region Thracian Tombs, one of which being UNESCO monument; useful for your free time planning: festival events in Kazanlak take place every day in May and beginning of June; official program available after April 2019; overnight in Kazanlak; breakfast and dinner included;

Optional whole day tour to Bozhentsi- unique ethnographical reserve presenting architecture and life style during the National Revival Period (18-19th Century); tour includes a visit to the historical mount Shipka, the spot of one of the major battles in the Russian-Turkish Liberation War 1877-1878; lunch included.

Day 6- Transfer to the Black Sea, the resort town of Primorsko; on the way enjoy a walking tour in the picturesque Old Town of ancient Apolonia- the town of Sozopol; overnight in Primorsko (resort hotel****); breakfast and dinner included;

Day 7- Transfer to the village of Bulgari- participate in the events of the Nestinari festival- the fire dancing is one of the most ancient rituals on the Balkans of a pagan origin, still performed in Bulgaria; afternoon free- options for hiking in the area; fire dancing in the evening, around 9:00pm; overnight in Primorsko; breakfast included;

Day 8- Enjoy a free day at the Black Sea- beach area is located within a walking distance from the hotel; bike rental options; explore the beautiful area of Ropotamo Nature Reserve and the not-to-be-missed mystic Begliktash- a Thracian Stone Sanctuary, still being a subject of scientific research and discussions; overnight in Primorsko; breakfast and dinner included;

Day 9- Transfer to the village of Jeravna- architectural reserve from the 18-19th century  with over 200 monuments of culture; enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the atmosphere of the Bulgarian National Revival and taste traditional dishes from the area in the evening; overnight at local guest house in Jeravna (hotel**); breakfast and dinner included;

Day 10- Explore real rural Bulgaria on a morning tour to the village of Medven, revealing authentic architecture and marvelous natural phenomena; visit one of the local wineries and try wines and traditional Rakia (Bulgarian brandy); overnight in Jeravna; breakfast and dinner included;

Day 11- Transfer to Ruse; free afternoon; overnight in Ruse (city hotel***); breakfast and dinner included;

Day 12- Transfers to the Bucharest International airport; or continue to explore Romania on a tour extension; breakfast included.